Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Denso-Marston Nature Reserve

Me and Luke went to Denso-Marston Nature Reserve with Airedale Otters (Daddy's nature group), on Sunday 13th July. The weather was very sunny - we had to wear our sun hats!

Firstly, we looked at the moths that the warden had caught the night before.

Large Yellow Underwing moth

Buff Arches moth

We watched this Grey Squirrel as it watched us! The squirrel was clinging on to a branch with its hands, feet and tail.

The lovely Grey Squirrel

As we were walking we saw a Banded Snail.

Banded Snail

We walked for a few more minutes into the woods and found some large wooden boards on the ground. The boards were placed there so that Wood Mice would build their nest under them and we could lift up the boards to see them. We lifted up the first board and saw some Wood Mice and a cosy nest.

Wood Mouse

Wood Mouse nest

We continued through the woods and found more boards. Underneath the final board was a Common Frog and a Smooth Newt.

Common Frog

Smooth Newt

Finally, we went over the woodedn bridge to the pond. We got nets and trays from the storeroom and started pond-dipping. We found Smooth Newts, Greater and Lesser Water-boatmen, Hog Louse, Blood Worm, Flatworm, Water Mite, Pond Skater, Phantom Midge, Freshwater Mussel and Shrimp, Ram's-horn Snail, and a Whirligig Beetle.

At the end, we all we given minibeast posters.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Rodley Nature Reserve

Me, my brother Luke and my Daddy went to Rodley Nature Reserve on Sunday 29th June 2014. The weather was cloudy but warm. Along the willow path we found a Large Skipper. A Large Skipper is a type of butterfly, which looks a bit like a moth. It has orange and yellow wings that look like fire.

Large Skipper

Also along the Willow Path we saw a spider with its nest made of leaves woven together with spider silk.


Spider's nest

We saw four Common Tern chicks: two on one raft and two on another. The chicks were fluffy and grey and had pink bills with black tips. The adults were keeping guard and bringing them food. Adult Common Terns are mostly white with black caps, and have red bills with black tips and pink feet.

Common Terns

We couldn't see the Great Crested Grebe nest that was there the week before. We did spot a Kestrel in a Sycamore tree. The leaves of the Sycamore tree are star shaped, and the seeds are like helicopters.


We went into the wild flower meadow for a picnic. The sun came out and we found a Ringlet butterfly. The Ringlet is brown with small white rings on its wings.