Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Great Tit Nest box

This year we put up a nest box, with a camera in it, in our back garden.

In April we saw a Great Tit go into the nest box. The Great Tit started to build a nest. But on 11th April a Buff-tailed Bumblebee got into the nest box. The Great Tit and the Bumblebee had a row! The Great Tit won and continued making a nest.

11th April - Great Tit and Bumblebee having a fight!

16th April - The Great Tit roosting at night

18th April - The completed nest

28th April, at 17:59 - Eight eggs

28th April, at 18:26 - The eggs have been turned

30th April - The adult incubating the eggs

8th May - Three of the eggs hatched!

10th May - One of the adults feeds the chicks

15th May - The three chicks grew

22th May - The three chicks grew even more

27th May - They fledged!